Affinity (Pro Rata) Charter – a charter arranged by an organization on behalf of its membership

Air Carrier – a provider of air transportation as defined under CFR Parts 135, 212 and 380

Charter Flight – a flight operated under the terms of a charter contract between a direct air carrier and its charterer or lessee

Charter Prospectus – a filing with the US Department of Transportation defining the offering of air transportation to the traveling public

DOT – The US Department of Transportation

FAA – The Federal Aviation Administration

Foreign Public Charter Operator – an indirect air carrier which is not a citizen of the United States as defined in the statute, that is authorized to engage in the formation of groups for transportation on Public Charters in accordance with Part 380

Indirect Air Carrier – any person who undertakes to engage indirectly in air transportation operations and who uses the services of a direct air carrier for such transportation

Part 135 – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants the authority to operate ondemand, unscheduled air service in the form of the Part 135 certificate

Part 380 – a section of the Code of Federal Regulations governing the use of public charter transportation in the United States

Public Charter – a one-way or round-trip charter flight to be performed by one or more direct air carriers that is arranged and sponsored by a charter operator

Single Entity Charter – a designation in Part 212 and Part 380; a charter where the cost is borne by the charterer and not by individual passengers, directly or indirectly

Surety Trust – an approved US DOT arrangement for the security associated with the air transportation related to a public charter filing

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