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US DOT Escrow Compliant

Part 380 requires passenger funds are deposited into an FDIC insured bank for safekeeping. Credit card companies may take higher than permitted fees for services, delay payment, and require unreasonable holdbacks and guarantees even though you are escrowing funds. In order
to assist customers in getting and maintaining merchant services, Shelby Financial provides information on the Bank Escrow account and US DOT regulations to customers to promote low credit card rates for its customers.

Account Review Service

Merchant services statements are terribly complicated; perhaps on purpose, to make it difficult to understand how you can control credit card costs. Because Shelby Financial monitors fees charged to passenger escrow funds, we provide a quarterly review service to explain the charges on your statement and provide the expertise you need to question your provider and lower your fees. Take advantage of our Account Review Service – it’s free!

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Low Fees

Credit card companies define travel as high risk. As a result, your fees are likely high. They provide you no credit for escrowing passenger funds in your merchant services fee structure. Shelby will review your merchant fee statement, explain where your charges are high, and if you wish, provide you a quote to change—or you can take the information back to your provider to lower your rate. You’ll find our pricing very competitive within the payment processing industry.

Online Reporting

Shelby Financial provides online access to your DOT Escrow Bank Account at whichever Shelby banking partner you select. In addition, the Escrow Account Systems (EAS) detail your bank deposits into sub-accounts by flight and passenger and deliver current data on your deposits and payments as well as cash forecasting of when funds become available.