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Shareholder Management & Accounting

Corporate Universe Share provides complete stock transfer, dividend reinvestment, corporate action processing, and proxy services in an integrated environment, available as a turnkey inhouse solution or remote SAAS processing. This browser-based software provides 24/7 access to shareholder-related information for issuers and holders as well as account information, statements, and reports in a secure environment.

Ellen Philip Proxy Services

Ellen Philip Proxy Services provides proxy tabulation, telephone and Internet voting, proxy contests as well as tender offers and other corporate actions related to the processing requirements of employee plans. Customers include Transfer Agents, Proxy Solicitors & Advisers, Shareholder-Service Providers, Employee-Plan Trustees/Sponsors, Independent Fiduciaries, Savings Plan Administrators, and Credit Unions.

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Employee Plans

Shelby Financial is one of the most experienced data processors in performing mutual to stock conversions and mutual holding company transactions. Mutual to stock conversions are highly complex corporate reorganizations where specialized database management and processing is required in order to correctly effect changes in its form of organization to one where the mutual members’ rights are converted into stockholders.

Bond Recordkeeping

The Corporate Universe Bond Recordkeeping software includes recordkeeping and processing for bonds including bond processing and bondholder accounting. The scalable system operates on the Microsoft Windows platform and LINUX, is available in-house or SAAS. This software complies with the regulatory and industry standards related to securities processing and includes
an add-on module that provides access to holder information, statements, and reports.